Thursday, September 4, 2014

Sometimes people who have less, gives more...

Assalamualaikum morning peeps=)

Just a very quick entry for this morning. Saya ada tengok satu video shared by Wardina kat FB tadi. Very touching. The video shows a man goes from table to table asking people who is actually eating, where he can get some food because he is hungry. Appearance dia well groomed and not scary at all. But most of them of course said no.


Then  2 men give some burger and fries to a homeless man. The man received it and thanks them. Lepas tu datanglah mamat tadi that was acting to ask for food from the homeless man. Guess what? Yes, the homeless man shares his food with the man. How ironic isn't it?

Just imagine, how will you react kalau tengah makan best2 kat kedai then suddenly ada orang datang tanya.."Akak..kat mana saya boleh dapat makanan ye? Saya laparlah..."

Saya rasa the first thing that will cross our mind is "Biar betol orang ni? Mesti orang jahat!" or.. "Buat2 minta sedekah la ni.." Well if you do think like that I don't blame you. It's because of our society condition right now, with too many bad people. It's wise to think of our safety first kan..

On the other come the homeless people willingly share their food with others?
Because they have nothing to lose!
The food was given by someone else, so he doesn't even have the food in the first place. How much difference will it make if he give it to others? Almost nothing isn't it? He can just go through the day just like any other day in his life..
And what if the man who came up to him is really a theft?
Still he need not to be scared..because again. he has nothing to lose.. nothing to guard or treasure..

But us? We scared that bad people will snatch our money, our designer handbag, our jewellery and what not.. Because we have too much so we are constantly afraid of losing whatever we have..or actually what we THINK we HAVE. That itself the end..makes us the most selfish people who are always hiding our hands in our pocket, from helping others who are really in need. Yet seems like nothing is wrong with that stand either..

How about once in a second, we think and we trully accept what was being said by our God, that all our belongings are actually not ours. That everything is being lent to us. Even our body is not ours. If only we can get rid of that I-own-everything-and-all-is-mine sentiment. Maybe..just maybe, it will be a better world.

Okay, that was not so quick entry eh -__-;

But seriously, what will you do if suddenly someone come up to you and says he/she is hungry?
Do share with me.

If you  find this entry will be benificial to others please feel free to share. Thanks=)

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  1. x leh tgk org2 cmni...org2 tua yg kayuh basikal...jln nk nangis.nk2 bl tgk org tua kayuh basikal trus teringat arwah ayah Y_Y


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